Amethyst for February Babies

Cassie H.

Amethyst is our birthstone and we can never get enough of it. This might be why at My Favorite Finds we have so many gorgeous products featuring both the amethyst stone and the beautiful, rich amethyst color purple. 

A surprise to us recently was that not only does amethyst come in the famous purple hue we are so used to, but there is an equally amazing sister color - green! Check out this perfect example of both colors united in our 18K Gold over Sterling Double Amethyst Necklace  and matching 18K Gold over Sterling Double Amethyst Earrings.

If Gold isn't your metal, try this show-stopping Sterling Silver Lapis, Amethyst and Pearl Bracelet. Not for the faint of heart - you will definitely get admirers!

Also on our Purple February Frenzy is an artist designed Cashmere, Silk and Wool Purple Floral Scarf that our mother just had to have. She deserved it ;)

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