What Exactly is Gold Over Sterling?

Cassie H.

Great Question!

Gold is crazy expensive right now. Items that you were able to purchase just a few years ago are now out of a lot of our reach. At My Favorite Finds, we were just as curious as what to do as you! What happens when you still want a quality item that looks like yellow gold but is still in your price range? Enter Gold over Sterling Silver. You begin with a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry and then it's plated with real 14K or even 18K gold, giving you the luxurious look you want without the price you don't. Both the underlying sterling silver and the overlay of gold are 100% authentic. Two great examples are our adorable Four Leaf Clover Earrings in 14K over Sterling, and this show-stopping Double Amethyst 18K Gold over Sterling Necklace.

These pieces of jewelry can be just as dazzling as the real thing, without the 14K price tag. Makes you feel a little bit less guilty splurging on yourself ;)

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